• Tago Arc Silver
  • Tago Arc Silver

Tago Arc Silver


Shipping time: 2018.05

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The Tago Arc is a durable premium quality accessory that always matches your mood and outfit. It’s lightweight and fashionable. You won’t have to be annoyed by cables, buttons and elaborate app settings. The Tago Arc is a comfortable wearable tech for the sole purpose of looking good on one’s wrist.

Compatible devices 
iOS » iPhone 5c or above 
Android » 
Bluetooth 4.0 capable devices

Bluetooth™ Low Energy 
You can use your Tago Arc BLE, with the ease like any other BLE devices. At the first use, you pair your bracelet to your profile, so your bracelet will be available immediately, and ready to start to transfer the pattern.

The BLE makes it possible to establish a connection with the device only in case it is required. So your Tago Arc can operate with battery for a much longer time.

When your battery is running out of power, your Tago app on your smartphone will send you notifications and remind you to place the bracelet on the Wireless Charging Pad, which is included in the package box. The actual charging time should not exceed an hour and your bracelet is ready to use for another 90 days.

Wireless charging 
Multiple companies use the available wireless charging technology. The Tago Arc BLE is compatible with all the available charging pads, you do not need to buy a new one. FYKI: Of course, a charging pad is included in the package.